Organization: ASD Fuorisella Belpasso (CT)

Sunday, June 4th 2017

A stage of:



 Downlaod PDF file here: Giro dell’ Etna Regulations


  1. Participation:

The Granfondo is open to all LIBERTAS and other italian Sports Promotion Institutions that have subscribed to the 2017 “Consulta Nazionale del Ciclismo” and possess a competitive cycling fitness certification, and to foreign amateur riders who belong to a national or international cycling association.

Professionals, Elites, (men and women), Under 23 and Juniors will be exclusively admitted for promotional purposes only. They are not eligible for classification and thus will be able to participate in the cyclo-touristic event only.

The organization have right to accept or refuse the registration of any cyclist at any time and at his incontestable discretion. Registration requests of cyclist banned for doping for more than 6 months will be refused.

CYCLO-TOURISTS: Non-competitive participation is admitted for cyclo-tourist participants in the mediofondo route only. Cyclo-tourists have the right to participate in the prize drawings, but will not be included in the amateur rankings (i.e. absolute, by category, intermediate sprints, KOM trophies)

Note: CYCLO-TOURISTS are those in possession of a membership card with CYCLO TOURIST or CYCLO SPORT nomenclature.

MOUNTAIN BIKE: The participation to the event is also open to mountain bikes for the mediofondo route. The ranking will be the only absolute.

  1. Grid opening time

    8:30 a.m.

  2. Start Time

    9:00 a.m. at the Hotel Corsaro, Contrada Cantoniera at 1.940 n the sea level in the Comune di Belpasso (CT) area, 50mt far from Rifugio Sapienza – on Mount Etna.

  3. Maximum time

    The maximum time to complete the route is 7 hours. The roads closure period is defined by the prefecture and it is guaranteed until the ‘RACE END’ car has passed.


  1. Registration

The registration is available on-line a t the following link:

The registration will be effective only upon receiving payment (bank transfer, credit card or cash. When the registration is validated the registrant will receive a confirmation email.

  1. Additional Services for registrants

The organization offers the following services to the registrants:

  • Hotel booking
  • Bike rental
  • Transfers from Airports (Catania and Comiso) to the hotels in the following towns: Belpasso, Nicolosi, Ragalna, Etna.
  • 50% discount for the first 30 women who register with December 31st 2016

For more information please send an email to:


  1. Registration fees

Registration will be open starting on November 15th 2016.

From November 16th 2016 to January 31th 2017

Registration during this period includes:

·         A Cycling jersey is included as a free gift to the first 200 registrants

·         Right to enter the first grid

·         Special price to purchase the ‘Giro dellEtna’ bike-bibs: € 39

€ 30,00
From February 1st to April 9th € 30,00
From April 10th to May 28th € 34,00
From May 29th to June 1st (last date for bank transfer payment)

to June 2st (with credit card only)


€ 34,00
3rd and 4th of June (Cash only, at the registration point and race pack pickup site) € 45,00


  1. Conditions of payment: 

Three methods of payment are accepted: bank transfer, paypal/credit card and cash. Individual or cumulative team payments are permitted:

  • BANK TRANSFER: IBAN: IT22W0503483870000000001417, to A.S.D. FUORISELLA – BELPASSO
    Bank transfer payments are permitted only until June 1st 2017. The bank transfer receipt should be send by email to the following address:
  • Paypal/Credit Card directly on the website
  • Cash payments should be made at the “Bodysport Integratori” shop of Luciano Pulvirenti, located in Via Roma n. 116, Belpasso (please register online before and take nore of the order number). Cash payments at “Bodysport Integratori” shop are allowed until 1st June 2017.


  1. Cancellation and substitution:

The subscription fee of registrants who do not participate will NOT be refunded. Cancellation requests should be sent before 12 a.m. on May 25th 2017 by fax to +390952937693 or by email to, the payment amount, plus € 10.00 for administrative expenses, will be retained for the next edition of the event or can be used for another participant of the same Team. The payment can retained for one year only.

  1. Event cancellation

The event will be held in any weather condition. In case of cancellation for a reason not due to the organization the subscription fee will not be refunded. The subscription fee will be retained for the 2018 event plus € 10.00 for administrative expenses.

  1. Variations

The organization has the right to change the regulations. The website is the official information media, so all the relevant information will be published there.

  1. Cyclists rights and duties

    1. Fix the chip and the number tag in the bike, and put the number on the back of the jersey. The numbers should be clearly visible. All of them cannot be modified in any way.
    2. Follow the rules of the road. The cyclist overtaken by the “END of RACE” car should be aware that the road is fully open to the traffic.


  1. Race packs:

Race packs, race numbers and Mysdam chips can be picked up on Saturday June 3rd 2017 from 4:30 p.m. to 8:00 the restaurant “Nuovo Club84” located in Belpasso, Piazza Municipio 61.

On Sunday June 4th from 6:30 a.m. to 8:30 a.m. the race packs can be picked up at Hotel Corsaro located in Contrada Cantoniera at 1,940 mt above sea level in the Comune di Belpasso (CT) area, 50 mt from Rifugio Sapienza. 

  1. Precision timing chip rental:

€ 2.00 to be paid in cash when picking up the chip and race packs, plus € 10 (as a deposit) that will be refunded when the chip is returned at the end of the event. 

  1. Services:

  • Bike parking in the start/arrival area;
  • Real time updates and videos of the race in the start/arrival area;
  • Medical assistance in vehicles with qualified doctors on-board;
  • LIBERTAS umpires;
  • Signage along the route with yellow background and black letters;
  • Road intersections guarded by qualified and legally recognized staff
  • Forerunner car and motorbike, intermediate emergency service motorbikes and technical assistance car
  • Precision timing and intermediate check at G.P.M. (KOM)
  • Intermediate sprints (INTERGIRO) (two in the Mediofondo and two in the Granfondo), KOM trophies (one in the Mediofondo and two in the Granfondo) all intermediate sprint winners will be awarded with jerseys and prizes of regional food products
  • Race Pack includes regional food products, nutritional/performance supplement, gadgets, race numbers and timing chip including the ‘Giro dell’Etna’ cycling jersey for the first 200 registrants within January 31st 2017;
  • 5 food and refreshment stops;
  • “Pasta Party” lunch prepared using regional products (pistachio pasta, bread with mushrooms and sausage, fruit, cake, ice cream, coffee);
  • English mother tongue assistant in the start/arrival area;
  • Post-race massage service;
  • Video and photo service
  • Special prizes of regional food products and other cycling gadgets
  • Prizes for every 25th position in the absolute ranking (i.e. 25th, 50th, 75th and so on);


  1. Granfondo and Mediofondo routes

The two routes will be separated at about 100mt after start. Dedicated signage will be put on the starting grid.

  1. Starting grids

1° Grid: the two leaders of the Grand Tour Sicilia, cyclists belonging to the organization, women and 3° Giro dell’ Etna winners who need to wear the jerseys received in the past edition, the first 200 registrants wearing the “Giro dell’Etna” jersey

2° Grid: Grand Tour Sicilia members;

3° Grid: cyclists who subscribed from February 1st to April 9th 2017;

4° Grid: cyclists who subscribed from April 10th to May 28th 2017;

5° Grid: all the other subscribers;


  1. Suggested gear ratio for the Giro dell’Etna climbs

There are two main climbs in the granfondo and one climb on the mediofondo. The Passo Citelli, present in the granfondo only, climbs up to 1670mt on sea level while the last climb, both in mediofondo and granfondo, goes up to 1940 mt on the sea level.

  • 36/26 or 34/25 if you want to challenge yourself in the climb;
  • 34/28 if you want to have a look at the wonderful volcanic scenario while climbing.


  1. Helmets and radios

During the event, use of a safety-certified helmet is compulsory. All participants must respect and comply with the highway code and traffic laws. Use of radios is forbidden.


  1. Motorbikes and team cars.

please take NOTICE!! (Team car is allowed for a minimum of 7 cyclists)

All motorbikes and cars that follow the athletes must be authorized and must bear the identification mark issued by the organization at the Race Pack pickup point.

It is absolutely forbidden to overtake the Race Director car, the ‘FINE GARA’ (End of Race) car and/or the Umpire cars in the first 40 km.

At any time or at any point of the race, the Organization, Jury or the Race Director have the right to decide whether the team cars or motorbikes may overtake the Race Director car, the ‘FINE GARA’ (End of Race) car and/or the Umpire cars.

The Race Director and all the Umpires, including the ‘STAFF’ personnel, have the right to stop any Team cars and motorbikes that have been judged to hamper the athletes, even in cases in which their assisted athlete(s) is engaged in a breakaway and in all cases where such vehicles are considered to be a threat to the safety of the athletes.


Drivers who do not follow these rules will be sanctioned as per civil and penal laws and with a possible ban of the assisted athlete(s) and the team(s) they are representing.

We would like to remind you that:

The authorization request for the team car or motorbike should be submitted to the Organization by 12 p.m. on Saturday June 3rd. The request should be made on team letterhead, signed by the Team President and with indications of vehicles’ model and number plate, and the driver’s personal information (ID card copy).


  1. Categories:


15/18 years old ‘debuttanti’ born from 1998 to 2001
19/29 years old ‘junior’ born from 1987 to 1997
30/34 years old ‘senior 1’ born from 1982 to 1986
35/39 years old ‘senior 2’ born from 1977 to 1981
40/44 years old ‘veterani 1’ born from 1972 to 1976
45/49 years old ‘veterani 2’ born from 1967 to 1971
50/54 years old ‘gentleman 1’ born from 1962 to 1966
55/59 years old ‘gentleman 2’ born from 1957 to 1961
60/64 years old ‘super gentleman A’ born from 1952 to 1956
66/75 years old ‘super gentleman B’ born from 1941 to 1951


15/18 years old women junior born from 1998 to 2001
19/39 years old women A born from 1977 to 1997
40/75 years old women B born from 1941 to 1976

N.B. For Women:




The Team prizes will be assigned by summing the points according to the following table:

1° category 2° category 3° category 4° category 5° category 6° category 7° category 8° category 9° category 10° category
15 points 13 points 11 points 9 points 7 points 5 points 4 points 3 points 2 points 1 point



1° categoria 2° categoria 3° categoria 4° categoria 5° categoria
8 punti 6 punti 4 punti 2 punti 1 punti


  1. Awards Ceremony:

Hotel Corsaro, Contrada Cantoniera at 1,940 meters above sea level in the Comune di Belpasso (CT) area, 50 meters from Rifugio Sapienza, on the Mt. Etna volcano.

Prizes not personally collected will be kept by the Organization.

In order to get the relative price, the cyclist should have completed the route. Prizes will not be assigned to cylists who didn’t cross the finish line.


Example: 25th, 50th, 75th in the absolute ranking. Technical prizes or supplements.



To the first three men and to the first woman both in the Granfondo route and the Mediofondo route with trophies manufactured by local artists. The prizes cannot be combined with those for the Categories or with the local production food prizes.



To the first five of each category, both in the Granfondo route and the Mediofondo route, with trophies manufactured by local artists.


Team Awards (A.S.D.) down to tenth place, with with trophies manufactured by local artists.


KOM (King of the Mountain)

To the first with local production food prizes, as per below:

  • 2 KOM in the GRANFONDO route, see altimetry profile;


Intermediate sprints (INTERGIRO)

To the first with local production food prizes, as per below:

  • 2 INTERGIRO sprints in the GRANFONDO route.
  • 1 INTERGIRO sprints in the MEDIOFONDO








Other prizes will also be presented (LOCAL FOOD PRODUCTS + SPECIAL GADGETS).



LOCAL FOOD PRODUCTS (prizes cannot be combined with OVERALL prizes).


KOM MEN’S WINNERS: 2 KOMs in the Granfondo.

GREEN JERSEY to the first in the classification, and prizes of local food products.

N.B. for the last Granfondo KOM (the hardest!) the second and third in the classification will be awarded with surprise prizes.


INTERGIRO MEN’S WINNERS: 2 Sprints in the Granfondo, 1 sprint in the Mediofondo!

BLUE JERSEY to the first in the classification, and prizes of local food products.



GREEN JERSEY AND BLUE JERSEY in the GRANFONDO ONLY in the third KOM and in the last INTERGIRO sprint! + surprise prizes of local food products.


  1. Signature

By subscribing the online module, the subscriber accepts the general terms and conditions of the event, declares to be 18 years of age on or before the day of the event. He voluntarily subscribes and declares to be physically fit for the event, and accepts responsibility for any unforeseen occurrence directly or indirectly caused by the participation in the event, and relieves the Organization of any responsibility. He authorizes the Organization committee to use photos, videos and all the material related to his participation for any legal use without any compensation. He authorizes the use of his personal data in accordance with Italian Law 675/96. The Organization committee has the right to reject the registration of any athlete.

In addition he declares to not have or had received any sanctions for doping facts and to not use or have used substances banned by the Word Antidoping Agency (WADA). The organization has the right to settle a lawsuit in court in order to defend his image in case the above declarations are proven to be false.


Presidente ASD Fuorisella Belpasso                         Presidente LIBERTAS Catania

Marco Recupero